Alpamayo, 5947m - Peru,

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GPS souřadnice:
8° 52' 44" S, 77° 39' 10,3" W
(-8,878886, -77,652848)


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Výstup uživatele Josh Lewis dne 17. 7. 2014

  • 17. 7. 2014
  • Frenche Direct
Tough Climb

Spent 4 days approaching the mountain to 18,000 feet to the Alpamayo Col camp and summited on day 5. Got caught in a white out and was battling a sickness. My water froze and was with a partner who didn't allow me to eat. Became extremely exhausted and started passing out as I was climbing. Topped out just as things were getting crazy. Climbing through the cornices was quite intimidating with all the exposure down below. Threw up a bit on the way down and climbed down in the dark. The views were outstanding. Certainly a hardy mans mountain.